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How much in average a carpenter/general builder would charge an hour for it's services?

On the current South Australian market an average hourly rate varies between $30 to $45 depending on few different factors such as:
  • Experience
  • Work load at the time
  • Personal ambitions etc.

How long generally take to get a council approval?

It depends on many factors, for instance:
  • Size and complexity of the project
  • Architect availability
  • Engineers' availability
  • All correct documents lodged
  • Local council work load

But normally it could take up to 10-11 weeks for the smaller size project such as veranda, pergola, carport, minor structural modifications and up to 16-18 weeks for a medium size project such as extension.

In general council would say to you it would take 6-8 weeks to stamp the paperwork if their are not any complications or missing documents.

Is it possible to remove load bearing wall and what is involved in doing so?

Generally it is possible to remove a load bearing wall/walls.
First of all you would have to find out what the wall is supporting. Normally it would support the roof structure and ceiling structure. If not sure, get a professional to have a look.
Secondly find the professional party to do the job for you.

Very important to know that every wall in the house have it's structural purpose, for instance-bracing. Ones the internal wall removed it can weaken the overall structural soundness of your home and in the future lead to unwanted cracks in the walls. But normally it should be fine.
Do not forget get an engineer's recommendations and calculations.
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